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Smoking, Women and Pregnancy

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Tobacco use among women is an added recent phenomenon than it truly is for men. Whereas tobacco consumption was already superb in British men in the beginning of World War II, British women only needed to smoking in thousands and thousands from this time onwards.

Smoking in British adult men began to decline within the early 1960s as important reports, such as those through the Royal College of Consultants, linking smoking and most cancers, were widely publicized. These reports were viewed as a critical factor around reducing the incidence regarding smoking in men; particularly people who were better educated as well as had higher incomes.

Smoking rates in adult females continued to rise seeing that women became more energetic in social roles along with fields of work that have been dominated by men. Smoking in women peaked within the early 1970s, and at this point, as in men, is firmly on the declining trend.

Early within the twentieth century cigarette marketing was aimed only from men. But as the actual 1920s brought women innovative freedoms, American tobacco companies swiftly recognized the potential on the female market. Chesterfield advertisements in 1926 had ladies pleading to young adult males smokers "Blow some this way". By using the slogan "Reach for the Lucky instead of any sweet" American Tobacco been able to sell cigarettes to women being an alleged means of dropping pounds. In a series with massive advertising campaigns, the organization appealed directly to ladies, using testimonials from well-known women like Amelia Earhart, the well known flyer, and film superstar Jean Harlow.

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