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Why Do Movie Characters Smoke?

by Administrator | 2389 comments

Maybe you have not noticed it but there are actually an increasing number involving films made where foremost characters smoke. That's right they illuminate more than ever in advance of. With the increasing cost of make film around $100 zillion, Hollywood is looking to outside finances to repay the bill. Who superior to the big tobacco businesses. So instead of a strong entertaining film with social value what you will be really getting is a huge budget cigarette commercial.

According to a recently available report which stated "Statistics with the Centers for Disease Manage and Prevention indicate of which tobacco use remains the class leading preventable cause of death in north america, causing approximately 440, 000 premature deaths on a yearly basis and resulting in a good annual cost of a lot more than $75 billion in lead medical costs. " Just what exactly really disturbs me nearly all is how Hollywood is usually secreting pushing this intention. What agenda is in which? Drug distribution of study course. In fact Nicotine, the chief ingredient in cigarettes, is probably the most heavily used addictive drugs in the us. Even more addictive as compared to crack cocaine! It is no hidden knowledge then that Hollywood is becoming among the leading drug pushers on earth! If what I was saying sounds absurd after that do your research. Simply cannot justify a character in a very film lighting up in some other scene. Rent Johnny Depp's The actual Ninth Gate and just count the amount of times he lights any cigarette. Or Rent Nicolas Cage's Matchstick Men and you will probably see that practically each scene has him tobacco a cigarette. It is usually well documented how shows can influence the subsconious imagination. And the most powerful way to accomplish this is through the by using subliminal images. In people words, cigarette ads disguised as major movies.

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